Thanksgiving Grace
By Alicia M. Sims ~ From her book, “Am I Still a Sister?” 
For Austin 
I’m supposed to say Thanksgiving grace today at the table,
but I don’t feel very thanksgiving…
What are we supposed to be thankful for? God too our
baby away and we’re supposed to still believe in HIM?
The table is set, the turkey smells good and everyone
is gathering around…everyone, that is, except my baby brother.
WHY didn’t HE let Austin live? WHY didn’t HE help him
get better so he could grow up with me?
I don’t want to be alone. I want to be a sister.
I don’t want two turkey legs!
Hey God, I’m talking to you! Can you hear me? WHY don’t you answer???
Or do you, and sometimes I just can’t hear? Well anyway, I guess I’m
thankful for the little while Big A was here.
We did have some fun sometimes.
So, thanks God, for that little while.