My Dearest Nathan
By Syrena Gibson 
It’s been twenty-six days since you’ve been gone,
Dear God please show me how to carry on.
The sadness within me, my broken heart,
I never dreamed my world could fall apart.

Dear God please tell him we miss him so,
Our hearts were broken when he had to go.
Tell him that we miss him so much more everyday,
He is our son, though he’s not here today.

Please give him lots of love as he needs lots of care,
And keep him safe until mommy and daddy can be there.
Please kiss him and hug him and hold him tight,
While we go to bed wishing he were with us tonight.

Dear God please tell him about his sisters,
And just how much they miss and love him so.
And Gammy and Pap they miss him too,
A grandchild is missing and they don’t know what to do.

Please God comfort him when he misses us too,
This was never something we wanted to go through.
We wanted him with us, to watch him grow,
What will he grow up to be like, we will never know.

Dear God please take care of our son,
Someday we will all again become one.
Please God let him hear me as I lay down at night,
One day we’ll be together again, I love you, goodnight.