Dear Alexandra
Alexandra Cepeda, July 1, 1999 - August 18, 1999 
Dear Alexandra,

When I was pregnant with you, our
family had a hard year. We moved 6-7
times and lived in hotels. You were
what kept us going, gave us hope.
June 1, 1999 we finally found a place.
July 1, 1999 you were born and we were
actually beginning to realize how
blessed we were. We were so happy.
We would fight all of the time to hold you.

August 18, 1999 I awoke early in the
morning to find you on your way to heaven and we couldn’t
believe it. We were so heartbroken. I told everyone about
how I felt like a mama cat looking for her kittens that
someone had given away without her permission. The
Hardest part was realizing that I had slept a whole night
Without having to wake up and care for you. Sometimes I
Wake up at the same time I found you that awful morning
And relive the whole thing.

We miss you and talk about you all of the time. No family
Could have been more proud to have had you in it. Every
Day we miss you more. Your death has given us strength.
Because of you, we are all better people.

Love you always Alex’,
Mom & Family