Dear Allyson Nicole
By Jody & David Otto 
Dear Allyson Nicole,

Our church has a tradition. Each Sunday, we place
roses on the alter. Red represents birth; white,
deaths. Your rose, dear daughter, will be white.
We tried so hard and waited so long for you
to come into our lives. We dreamt about the
day when there would be a red rose
announcing your birth. We pictured your baptism
and picking you up from the church nursery.
We believe that as you were carried from this
life, the angels paused for a moment so you could
see your mom and dad. We trust you were able to
feel our everlasting love.
It occurs to us that whether we knew you for 15
minutes or 50 years, it will seem as nothing
compared to the eternity we will spend
together. So, Allyson, although your rose is white,
in our hearts it will always be red.

Mom and Dad
(Jody & David Otto)