Remembering Heath
Aunt Kay 
In Loving Memory of Heath ~ March 1989  
With You were born that cold, blizzarding night in March, 1989. All the expectations, hopes, and joys were all too soon gone. A rare chromosome birth defect, one that I can't even pronounce. For two months you held on, never seeing or hearing the world around you. But I believe you felt the love of your mother as she did her best. I only held you once, barely a teenager and yet your aunt. The early spring sun shone through the window and you turned your head, your little red head, towards the light as if to signal your soon departure. It was so sad to see you go, though we knew it was the best for you. Your mother is with you now, and as heart wrenching as it was to see her suffer and die, I am now comforted and happy for you and your mother that you are now together. Now you can see her. Now you can hear her. Now you can love and be loved.never forgotten love,

Your Aunt Kay
Heath died from Trisomy 13 Syndrome