In Our Hearts Forever
Karin Daffinee 
Our son, Owen, was stillborn just before his due date – no cause ever known. We live on Cape Cod, so we spend a lot of time at the beach. We found a heart-shaped rock at the beach soon after his death on August 5, 1991. That was the beginning of our collection of heart-shaped rocks. Our kids, our friends and family all help look and we must have about 200 now at Owen’s grave. The night before Owen’s second birthday, we found a heart-shaped rock about 2 foot by 2 foot. We had his name and birthdate engraved on it and it is on his grave for his headstone. We have rocks from trips we’ve taken to Vermont as well as Maine. Our son, Owen, is always with us.

We have a dish of heart-shaped rocks at home and now we give them to the parents who come to us (through a support group we help lead) and tell them their meaning.