A Letter To My Children Lost:Justin, 24 weeks; Tristan, 13 weeks; Samuel, 7 1/2 weeks; Geoffrey, 17 1/2 weeks.
Written by Grace Brunelle  
in loving memory of her 4 children who died before birth:  
A Letter To My Children Lost:

My little child, you stirred so sweetly in a sea of serenity and though I could not feel you move within me, your presence filled my heart and soul with love and joy!
Your father and I daily spoke with you and about you to others. You even dwelt within our dreams. You are our love manifest in flesh.
And then, that terrible anguished moment... the horrible stabbing realization that you were gone.
My darling, you left us to live in a better place; You have only seen the Face of God, You have only known your parents love.
Though others may forget you, we will not! Your life has been branded in our hearts; painful grief etched forever in our minds, mingled with tears of loss.
We at times, cannot understand your death, yet your death has changed us. You have made us kinder people; more loving, compassionate, and caring toward others. You would be proud of us.
And hope rises within us! We know that you dwell with the Lord Jesus as we will also; in that glorious place we will raise you and our family will once again be complete!
Thank you, my baby, for touching our lives and making the whole world better by your memory!
Love always,