Heart to Hand
By Bonita Martin 
“Father’s Day” what a day to remember
the journey of Fatherhood has many obstacles
that some dare to walk, but some have no choice.
What makes a father, a Father?
Taking time to make time
to walk hand in hand in the park
to get up in the middle of the night
because he’s scared of the dark
to hold his hand
when he reaches out
to never scream of never shout.
Is this what being a father is all about?
Some may say
But it takes a real father
who can withstand a loss that was part of himself
and still stand strong when grief comes so unexpectedly
who can fight pain and suffering
with the knowledge of knowing he’s still a father
because he has endured the greatest strength
of knowing he can walk “hand in hand” in the park and smiles
as he places his strong hand over his heart.

This is where we start.