By Wendy Lyon from the book from A Mother’s Dilemma 
What we think we want in life
Is perhaps not in the plan.
When what we expect doesn’t happen,
We do not understand.

Is it too much to expect what is normal?
In reality does normalcy exist?
In this world of suffering and sorrow,
We can only try to subsist.

A child long awaited and expected,
In love and happiness created;
Those early months anticipated-
So suddenly and cruelly gone.

“How can this be? It’s not fair!
Why me?
Oh no, no, no!”
We grieve and cry in despair
¬“Someone make this anguish go!”

The reality is - sad things happen;
Somehow, something just wasn’t right.
God gives us the freedom to choose
As a gift while we grow in His sight!

He’s not there to judge or condemn us
¬Life’s dilemmas are far too cruel.
When in faith to Him we turn in trust,
Love becomes the only rule.

Life is precious and sacred especially
When with love a child is conceived.
If decision becomes a necessity
¬How can what is right be achieved?

Who’s to decide what is right or is wrong?
We so long to hold that babe in our arms.
Does our sacrifice God understand?
Since He chose that His son become man?

As parents we are left to grieve,
And alone we must learn to achieve
A life of well-meaning and worth
Without our children here with us on earth.

When we believe in life eternally;
Through grace our children certainly,
Have passed over the pain and suffering
This earthly presence can bring.