Dear little Daniel,

This year you would have been five years old, in kindergarten. How difficult this fall has been.

It shouldn’t surprise us that we will never forget you. It catches us unawares. Lots of times dad’s grief is different than mine, a private sort of pain. One day he came home with a tape by the Oak Ridge Boys. He listened to this song on the way to work, yes, and cried. This is what it says:

Oh you’re always in my heart
and you’re often on my mind.
I will never let it die,
Just as long as I’m alive
Sometimes it makes me sad –
that we never said goodbye
Well, I guess it never hurts to hurt sometimes.

Verse 1:
Sometimes I feel the weight of a
past break in my mind
I know it’s gone for good
And it makes me want to cry.
Is this all we get to keep
As the years go rolling by?
Just as the memory of all the days
gone by.

Verse 2:
You try holding on to the moment,
But time won’t let you stay.
But for every step you take,
you lose something on the way.
You can’t look forward to tomorrow
and still hold on to yesterday.
Oh, I hope you can hear me when I say…

This song says it so completely. We do still love you, miss you and feel the vacancy you left. We are grateful we had you as long as we did. But it wasn’t long enough.

Happy Birthday – January 13, 1988
Sweat pea

Love, Mom, Dad