Bright Eyes
Jamie Faye Meservy: 12/22/79 – 6/18/80 
Dear Jamie:
Happy birthday my little one. You would be 14 on December 22. I wonder what you would look like, what color hair you would have, and I know you have mommy's eyes and who could ever forget that smile, not me. People say that I have to let go. No way, it's impossible to ever let go, you're always on my mind. At Christmas once more I put up hundreds of lights in your memory. Each year I tried to do something special and different for you. It seems to be the only way I can handle the holidays. I think people think that I am crazy, but I don't care, because you are so very important to me and you'll always be. I wonder how I made it this far, but I guess with the grace of God and your bright eyes I can try to overcome anything. As long as I know you're with me heart and soul, I will never let go. Sometimes when everybody is sleeping I hold your picture to my heart and tears will start, and I ask myself over and over again why? I guess it will take a long time to find these answers, but until then I will wait to hold you and to hug you like I used to so tight, like I do in my dreams every night. Till I see you again. I miss you bright eyes. I love you Jamie.

Love, Mommy