What you need to know before you begin your search:
-The date the baby was delivered
-The county where the baby was delivered
-The last name given to the baby

Begin your search at the Courthouse.

Courthouse Records:
Birth Certificates
Death Certificates – it may tell you where they are buried
Stillborn Certificates

Burial Records
Begin by contacting the Cemetery Caretaker. They should have the burial records and a record of who owns which plots.
Contact the Cemetery Board to find the caretaker and find out who has the burial records.

-Waseca County Woodville Cemetery Burial Records contact person:
-Waseca Sacred Heart Church has the cemetery records for the Calvary Cemetery.
-Check the Dalby Database for cemetery indexes for the area counties.

Funeral Records
If you know which funeral home took care of arrangements, they have records of where people are buried.

Church Records
Protestant or Catholic?

If Protestant then might be buried in the town Cemetery and not a Catholic Cemetery.

If the grandparents to the baby took care of arrangements, the baby might be buried near where they lived, maybe next to other grandparents.

Hospital Records
All hospitals have to report a birth or death to state of MN. The records are kept at the County level.

Other Family Members

Sometimes there are no stone markers for babies born in the 1800s.

It might have been possible that a baby was put with their mother if the mother and baby died around the same time.