IRIS Wish List

Printer Ink (HP 61- black and 57- color)

Mailing poly bags - all sizes

Mailing envelopes with bubble wrap inside - all different sizes

Card stock - White or Cream

Cleaning Supplies

Disinfectant Wipes

Books for the IRIS Lending Library (new and used)

Postage Stamps - Forever

Postage Stamps - Postcard

Spring plants for Memorial Gardens: Zenia, Iris, Marigolds, Daylily, Hollyhocks, Lavender, Butterfly bush, Aster, Black-eyed Susans, Sunflowers, etc.

Plywood for shelving unit for Turkey Trot room

Services Needed

Stretch the carpet upstairs at the IRIS Office

Clean the several spots in the upstairs carpet (vegetable oil)

Build shelving unit in Turkey Trot room

Clean the IRIS Office

Stain the front ramp

Stain the back deck and steps

Glaze all the windows at the IRIS Office

Tend the Memorial Gardens

General Volunteers